What are the differences between asphalt and concrete?

Asphalt is a better value. When comparing typical full depth asphalt which consists of 6 inches of agreegegate base, 2″ of binder asphalt and 1″ of top asphalt to typical full depth concrete which consists of 4″ of 2B stone base, and 5″ of concrete, asphalt will be roughly 60 percentof the costs.Good full depth concrete should last 25 plus years, while typical full depth asphalt should last 15 – 20 years. However, asphalt can then be repaired or resurfaced adding an additional 7 – 10 years of life.

Asphalt is better suited to northern climates. Pittsburgh winters mean a lot of snow and ice and varying temperatures that causefreeze/thaw cycles that can destroy pavement. A properly installed asphalt surfacewith a solid, compacted basewill reduce the risk of cracking due to frost heaves. In addition, concrete is susceptibleto salt damage, a material frequently used on roads in cold weather parts of the country. An asphalt surface is far more tolerant.

Asphalt can be easily repaired. Some concrete surfaces must be completely removed and reconstructed when they become spalled, cracked or heaved compared to the relative ease of repairing an asphalt surface. There are many options available to renew and rejuvenate an asphalt surface including milling of the surface followed by an asphalt overlay, patching holes, or crackfilling and sealcoating to make the surface look like new.

Asphalt is more cost-efficient and easier to maintain, and adds curb appeal to your property. Call Pittsburgh Asphalt Company today to get an estimate on asphalt paving.